About Us

Welcome to DataBiz, the BI Consulting Leaders.

Here at DataBiz, we specialize in managing and improving the quality of your data so that you can make the right business decisions based on it. Our devoted team of experts is committed to providing your company with the information and resources it needs to make informed decisions and cultivate a data-driven culture.


Our Mission

Our goal is to help you realize the maximum potential of your data. We help organizations of all sizes build enterprise systems to easily access and leverage their data for the most advanced data analytics.

We use our Data Governance & Business Intelligence experience to transform your data into a strategic asset that gives you direction and clarity to help you meet your goals.

Our Expertise

Our team delivers a lot of expertise and a solid track record with 3 years of experience in DG & BI. Data modeling, sophisticated analytics, dashboard and report creation by DG & BI platforms deployment are our areas of expertise.

Our advisors are troubleshooters who are aware of the subtleties of different sectors, not merely technical specialists.

Why Choose Us

Customized Solutions: Our methodology involves comprehending your distinct company obstacles and customizing solutions to meet your particular requirements.

End-to-End Services: We provide all-inclusive services to guarantee a seamless integration and migration your business operations to our solutions, from first consultation to implementation and training.

Ongoing Support: After a customer is deployed, our connection with them doesn't end. In order to make sure you keep getting the most out of implemented solutions, we offer continuing support and training.

Innovation and Insight: We make sure our clients take advantage of the newest features and industry best practices in data governance and analytics by staying on the cutting edge of the technology.